"Features Of Complaint Management Software"

8D Status Dashboard

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8D Tracking Dashboard

Complaint Management Software provides a comprehensive dashboard to track each and every step of your complaint to keep you up-do-date and maintain transparency on the status of every complaint received.


Complaint Management 8D Methodology


D1. Complaint Entry


D2. Problem Solving Team


D3. Problem Description


D4. Contaiment Action


D5. Root Cause Analysis


D6. Verfication And Validation


D7. Potension Corrective Action


D8. Preventive Corrective Action

Features of the Fishbone diagram in a complaint management system

  • Identification of the problem: The first step in creating a Fishbone diagram is to clearly identify the problem or complaint.
  • The Fishbone diagram typically includes several categories or "bones" that are related to the problem being analyzed. In a complaint management system, these categories might include people, Material, equipment,and environment.
  • Cause Category: Once the categories have been identified, This helps to generate a comprehensive list of possible causes..
  • Analysis: After the causes have been identified, the team can analyze each one to determine its potential impact on the problem. This analysis can help to identify causes and potential solutions..
  • Visual representation: The Fishbone diagram provides a visual representation of the causes and their relationships to the problem.


Complaint Handling Scenarios


Complaint Entry

  1. Simplify the process by integrating user-friendly forms for quick complaint registration.
  2. Automate notification system to alert the team instantly for timely complaint registration and resolution.
  3. Establish a streamlined approval process to ensure efficient handling of complaints and timely resolutions.
  4. Collect comprehensive complaint details to enable thorough analysis and effective resolution strategies.

Problem Solving Team

  1. Form cross-functional teams comprising diverse expertise to address complex complaints collaboratively and efficiently.
  2. Send timely notifications to the team to ensure prompt complaint resolution.
  3. Send Q-Alert emails to the team, providing concise information for efficient complaint resolution.
  4. Increased accountability and ownership in problem resolution.


Problem Description

  1. Utilize the 6W 1H approach (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) for comprehensive problem definition.
  2. Enable users to conveniently upload files for supporting evidence and documentation.
  3. Facilitates problem prioritization by assessing severity and impact for effective resolution.
  4. Provides a comprehensive documentation of issues for future reference.

Contaiment Action

  1. Define and implement containment actions to mitigate the immediate impact of the problem.
  2. Establish clear due dates and assign responsibilities to ensure accountability and timely resolution.
  3. Conduct inventory analysis to determine the availability of resources for effective containment measures.
  4. Provide a user-friendly facility to upload and manage documents for efficient documentation.


Root Cause Analysis

  1. Utilize the Fishbone method for conducting Root Cause Analysis to identify underlying causes.
  2. Generate a Fishbone diagram using the 6M approach (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Measurement, Environment).
  3. Utilize the 5 Why Analysis to identify the ultimate root cause of the problem.
  4. Intuitive screen for Root Cause Analysis, enhancing ease of use and understanding.

Verfication And Validation

  1. Enter simulation details to verify the effectiveness of proposed solutions accurately.
  2. Provide a user-friendly facility to upload simulation documents for accurate analysis and verification.
  3. Document and review validation details to ensure the accuracy and reliability of simulation results.
  4. Offer a convenient document upload feature for seamless sharing and collaboration.


Document Upload

  1. Implement a secure and user-friendly document upload facility for seamless file sharing.
  2. Ensure compliance with PPAP requirements by maintaining a standard list of required documents. .
  3. Manage document access rights to ensure appropriate levels of confidentiality and data security.
  4. Enable users to preview documents before downloading or accessing them fully.

Preventive Corrective Action

  1. Develop and implement corrective actions to address the identified final root cause effectively.
  2. Define and implement potential, preventive, and system corrective actions for comprehensive problem resolution.
  3. Provide a facility to assign actions with due dates to designated users for effective task management.
  4. Send timely due date alerts to users with escalation mechanisms for efficient action management.


Lesson Learned

  1. Provide a user-friendly facility to update and document the conclusion for effective closure.
  2. Offer a dedicated facility to update and capture lessons learned for future improvements.
  3. Provide a facility to update the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) for accurate tracking and analysis.
  4. Offer a facility to update and track customer feedback and ratings for continuous improvement.

Horizontal Deployment

  1. Provide user frinedly Facility to define actions for similar line product / process.
  2. Initiate and establish a link between problem resolution and change management processes.
  3. Provide a user-friendly facility to assign actions to users with specified due dates for efficient task management.
  4. Implement an escalation and alert system for timely notification of due date actions.


Customer Feedback

  1. Establish efficient communication channels to facilitate clear and timely information exchange.
  2. Promote collaboration among team members and foster a culture of accountability.
  3. Emphasize continuous improvement as a core principle for ongoing organizational success.
  4. Provide your people with what they truly desire, fostering satisfaction and engagement.

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