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Turning Complaints Into Loyalty

Customer service and effectively managing complaints are essential components of any company's operations. These actions are crucial for building customer loyalty, enhancing customer retention, and ultimately resulting in customers coming back repeatedly—a fundamental objective for every business entity. By incorporating efficient web-based complaint management software, organizations can harness the gathered data to drive process enhancements and provide superior service to their customers.

Fast customer complaint management software gives you a robust complaint management department where you can enter all specific customer complaints, categorize them by severity, occurrence, and importance and then record detailed decisions which are entered into your database Statistics all. Online customer complaint systems and service communications are opportunities to show your customers how important you are. If you exceed expectations, they will be loyal customers for years to come. Customer complaint management software can enhance customer experience and customer complaint handling by accessing, tracking, recording and recalling customer interaction histories.

Complaint Handling Scenarios

Service Enquiry

  • Capture Customer Complaints
  • Streamline Complaint Investigation and RCA
  • Manage Customer Responses
  • Triggering Internal or External Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

8D Methodology

  • D1 Define Problem Solving Team.
  • D2 Problem Describe.
  • D3 Containment Action.
  • D4 Root Cause Analysis.
  • D5 Verification and Validation.
  • D6 Potential Corrective Action.
  • D7Preventive Corrective Action.
  • D8 Lesson Learned.

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Why Complaints Management Is Important?

Complaint management software is key to customer service and business success. It serves not only as a method to collect valuable customer feedback but also aids in enhancing your company's expansion — leading to cost reduction, profit increase, and heightened customer satisfaction. To ensure effective complaint handling, the organization should concentrate on the following:

How Does Improsys Complaint Management Help Businesses?

Lack of an omnichannel support


Convert complaints across channels into tickets. Manage issues reported through email, phone, chat, or social media, without leaving the comfort of your helpdesk.

Communication Gap between internal teams.


Your executives can loop in other internal teams right within the ticket, and ensure there are no lapses in communication before responding to customers.

Customer is unaware about his complaints status.


Customer will now get notifications via Email / SMS / WhatsApp about the status of their complaint. They can even track thier complaint through the comprehensive dashboard provided.

No action taken on customer feedback.


Based on customer feedback, managers can plan for corrective and preventive actions across the teams in order to prevent the occurance of the same event.

Measuring performance of team is difficult.


Improsys Complaint Management Softwares in-depth reports give you detailed insights into how well your support team is performing. Managers will be able to increase individual accountability.

Experience Difference to Optimize Quality

Fast Complaint Management Software enables you to maintain high quality standards while experiencing difference with:

Configurable Web-Based Platform

Designed on a Web-based platform, Fast Complaints Management System is a best-in-class solution for the organizations to take care of their customers Complaints promptly. This configurable Software enables any organization to strengthen its relationship with the customers by listening to them and resolving their issues.

Adherence to Compliance Standards

Keeping up with the latest trends, Fast Customer Complaints Management Software system is aligned with all the latest standards including the ISO, VDA and the IATF guidelines to enable organizations with superior quality customer response systems.

User-Friendliness and Flexibility

Fast Complaint Management Software comes with an intuitive interface to ease the process of Complaints management for the end users. No matter what your industry type is, handling customer complaint through software is quite imperative. The software is also flexible and adaptable to the user specific requirements.


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Benefits Of Complaint Management System

Customer complaint management solution

Identifies issues early for resolution

Complaints management software solution

Prevents cost of poor quality

QMS Software for Complaints Management

Assists with managing corrective actions measures

Complaint Management and Tracking Software

Easy Analysis of root causes

Complaints management process

Identifies areas that need more development

Complaints process management

Improves the overall quality of the product & customer satisfaction

Complaints system

Centralised document management for easy retrieval of documents

Complaints software

Task management to remind users of pending work

Frequently Asked Questions

Complaint management software is a tool that helps businesses effectively handle and resolve customer complaints. It streamlines the complaint handling process, improves customer satisfaction, and helps businesses maintain a positive reputation.

Yes, Improsys' complaint management software is designed to integrate with Improsys inhouse software systems, such as Audit Management Software, Fire Audit Management Software, ERP Software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Additionnally it can also integrate with 3rd party softwares such as SAP, Oracle, Legacy Softwares, etc.

Improsys's complaint management software is designed to meet the standards of ISO, IATF and VDA. It offers features such as automated complaint tracking, real-time reporting, and seamless integration with other systems, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Yes, Improsys's complaint management software is typically web-based, allowing you to access it remotely. This enables you and your team to manage complaints from anywhere, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Yes, complaint management software can greatly contribute to improving customer satisfaction. By providing a centralized system for managing complaints, businesses can respond promptly, track progress, and ensure timely resolution, resulting in happier customers.

The implementation time can vary depending on the complexity of your requirements and the customization needed. Improsys's team will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide an estimated implementation timeline.

Yes, Improsys's complaint management software is highly customizable. It can be tailored to align with your unique business processes, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your existing workflow and meets your specific requirements.

Improsys provides customer support and implmentation handholding and training to ensure a smooth experience with their complaint management software. We offer various support channels, including support portal, email and phone, and can provide training sessions to help you and your team effectively utilize the software's features.

Improsys offers two pricing options for their complaint management software. We have a one-time payment option for businesses who prefer a one-time investment. We also provide a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model where businesses can pay on a recurring basis, typically monthly or annually. For more detailed pricing information, please contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a tailored pricing quote.

Absolutely. Improsys's complaint management software offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features. You can generate reports on various metrics, such as complaint resolution times, common complaint types, and customer feedback, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.


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